Friday, December 5, 2008

Thank You :: Saff Perdaus' Qurban 2008 :: For Refugees from Palestine and Darfur ::

"If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich."
(John F. Kennedy, Inauguration Speech, 1961)

Interesting choice of words from the former US President whom as we all know fell victim of a tragic assassination attempt.

In reflecting this quote, I would like to take this opportunity in thanking one and all for your civic-minded efforts and contributions to our humble cause.

May God except all of our ibadah and the efforts that you have made through inviting others to this cause and thus in that act creating more awareness not merely for this little cause but, far exceedingly, the plight of the millions whom till this day are living in a state of destitute in refugee camps across the globe due to the void of political resolution or change.

As of today, we have closed the registration for Saff Perdaus' Qurban 2008 "For Refugees from Palestine and Darfur". Insya Allah, our friends from Muslim Aid will carry on with the amanah and love to our brothers and sisters in the refugee camps of Central Africa and Sudan.

We are still short of the intended 5000 cans and were able to only secure about 3950 (or so) cans. Irregardless of that, I think what is more beneficial, in retrospection, is the process that we have all gone through rather than the numerical and tangible outcome.

In many ways, this cause has highlighted the compassion in all of you that was shown throughout this cause and I am especially heartened by some of you whom contributed few patches of dollars here and there - and a few 50 or so people later, was able to contribute to 2 sheeps (all this in the midst of university exams!). You amazes me.

"united there is nothing we cannot do" (JFK, 1961)

And again to the so many others out there that had called and sms in asking: how can we help? And so on and so forth.

You have our utmost gratitude and thanks - surely, only Allah could return the favor and may that favor come at the time when you need it most.


PS. let's carry on in our efforts to consider the conditions of the refugees around the world and constantly seeking ways how we could contribute to a resolution or, at least, improvement of conditions.

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