Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve in Gaza

In recounting the current bombardment of Gaza by the Israeli authorities, it is important that despite the atrocities that have been shown - calm and rationality cannot be overshadowed by blind emotions and carnal anger.

This is especially since as what has resulted to the injustice that have been suffered by the Palestinian people initially are the result of those very blind emotions and carnal anger, more than calm and rationality. Hence, to react in such similitude is not dissimilar to the very criminals that began these strings of violence that has existed in the Palestinian territories for far too long.

It is also important to note, that the carnage that is presented are the result of the Israeli authorities and their supporters - the (radical) far-right and conservatives whom are not at all represented by the substantially larger and massive amount of the Israeli people and citizens, and Jews worldwide, that opposes the action of the Israeli authorities and their Zionist orientations.

Yet while, we urge calm it is indeed difficult to reconcile with the onslaught that results to the suffering endured by young children and other innocent collaterals. What is far worse is that besides demonstrating on streets and Arabic leaders, again, discussing endlessly without finding a common remedy - there seems no resolve to the dilemmas of the innocent.

This phlegmatism and its impact are amplified further when the so-called "superpower" of the world - the US have but reacted merely in supporting and backing their allies - the Israeli authorities.

Even the in-transition administration have not yet lived up to its promise of a better day for the innocent and the "silent many" - and the change that it promises have yet to materialize. While the Mumbai attacks have prompted statements of remorse and condemnation of the perpetrators, yet hardly a murmur could be heard from this administration in condemning the state terrorism that is so glaringly obvious - why the double standard?

Well, to be fair, there was a statement from the administration presented by its chief transition national-security spokeswoman Brooke Anderson: “President-elect Obama is closely monitoring global events, including the situation in Gaza, but there is one president at a time.”

While this monitoring is being done, the Israeli authorities are contemplating to ensue the military offensive with a ground assault as its readied battalion of tank regiments line up the border on the Palestinian side of the land. Bear in mind, that there are no security forces of the Palestinian to protect the innocents besides the pocket of "radical terrorist" and the al Qassam brigade - military wing of Hamas.

As the world looks on, leaders from the neighboring Middle Eastern countries yesterday ended an economic summit - yes an economic summit. While the summit in Oman ended with calls for the end to Israeli raids on Gaza yet divisions in the matter of addressing the crisis as always, hamper the resounding resolution.

In all this, at present, BBC reports "that 60 people have died in Israeli air strikes since Saturday. Four Israelis have been killed by rockets fired from Gaza."(BBC. "Growing calls for Gaza Ceasefire." 30 December 2008)

The UN also says that humanitarian agencies "are struggling to contend with both the air strikes and a lack of supplies."

"We have nothing in our warehouses," a spokesman for UNWRA, the UN agency in Gaza, told the BBC.

"There is a serious shortage of medical supplies. Hospitals in the Gaza Strip are not equipped at all to handle this huge number of dead and injured people." (BBC. "Growing calls for Gaza Ceasefire." 30 December 2008)

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Hamimah said...

The double standard shown by the U.S is glaringly obvious. But then again, what's new about that? What truly is disappointing is Obama's response, or lack there of, considering how incredibly critical the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is right now. and considering what Obama supposedly stood for when it came to the Palestinian situation. Meanwhile, the Israeli forces are buying time and continuing on their aggression, an aggression that their politicians think will get them votes in Israel's coming political election on Feb 10.

After all that the world has gone through in 2008, one would think that the world could have learned something, could have been more wise.