Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In Search for the Night(s) of Power

Lailatul Qadar is within these ten days and many are ever so rigorous to ensure that they encounter this night that is better than a thousand night - thus, staying vigilant throughout the nights or waking early in the mornings to spend the precious hours in prayers and devotional acts.

However, it is a considerable trend especially in masjid that there are far lesser crowd on even nights as compared to odd nights - perhaps due to higher likability that based on authentic narrations that lailatul qadar could be found on odd nights. Even so, this very concept of making devotional efforts on odd nights or doing devotional act purely for lailatul qadar's sake mainly - needs to be revised.

I am not saying that there is anything fundamentally wrong with hoping to meet the night of qadar but let's remember that our nights in worship should not be only for the sake of lailatul qadar but rather it should be raise to a higher order: that is for the sake of seeking God's love.

There is a sufi story (disclaimer: me reading widely does not equate to having a tendency for any orientation of read) that tells of a man whom had won the favor of a king. Thus, the king invites him to his castle and offers him to have anything that he desires in this castle. This in mind that the castle was full of vast wealth and richness beyond one's imagination. As such, the man after viewing carefully at everything, ponders and ask: "Your highness, am I to have anything that my heart desires?". The reply given was: "Whatever you hold on to, that is yours".

Thus the man when up to the throne and held on to the king and said: "I wish for nothing but thee".

Moral of the story? Lailatul Qadar is just one of the many bounties from Allah's wealth which are immeasurable. But why settle for one of the bounties when you could have the favor of the one to whom belongs all of the bounties?

If one seek for Lailatul Qadar it is in one of the nights of Ramadhan, however if one seeks for Allah - He is in every night. Hence, especially in Ramadhan: let's spend every night in this quest and search.



Anonymous said...

Agreed :)

And I also feel that there needs to be a revision in some of the ways certain ibadahs are being portrayed. It is always seemed that ibadahs is being put a tangible - intangible value to it,in terms of pahala.

What we truly need is to understand that it is His Love which we are seeking, totally, unconditionally, whether there is a bounty or pahala to it or not.

Wallahulalam :)

Ps, the sadness that you feel can only mean that He is pleased with you :)


May we be in His Love