Friday, June 20, 2008

Noam Chomsky on "Globalization"

While policy makers and officials talks about cashing in on the new wave of globalization in this Information age - it has in many ways forgotten other aspects of globalization (which by the way is a phenomenon as old as humans have walked the earth) that includes human integration, compassionate and appreciation.

Most often than not, globalization is synonymous to terms like free trade, trade liberalization and capital flow. And in many aspects, those that actually do benefit from this so-called "globalization" are those who are already rich and the elite. Sadly, those that are forgotten are the silent majority that slave their days and time (usually with very poor working benefit and meager incomes) in factories and industrial farm of multi or trans national corporation.

While the seeming purpose for this form of globalization is to enhance trade thus creating more jobs it has on the other hand create an almost unilateral devastation on local economies killing local industries and market - thus the lost of more jobs and businesses. And while, it seems to promote the local citizens yet in many developing countries - regular citizens are forced to work long hours - with despicable low pay in poor conditions.

On the other hand, in the in quest for economical domination - many have forgotten the integrative aspect of bringing people together that globalization has the potential to offer - solving age-old divides and conflicts.

If globalization is to be something of benefit should the exponents of it not equally invest large stakes in creating stability and peace in the world by offering a hand in the regional conflicts - which most often is not an ideological as so often perceive but more of a bread and butter issues?

It seems for now (at least), globalization is all about economical expansion - but unfortunately at the expanse of so many.

Can we change that?

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