Monday, May 19, 2008

One of Spirituality

After more than 40 years of exile, an entire life for God, faith and justice, he knew that his last hour was coming. In the most profound hours, he spoke and he spoke so much of love, fraternity and affection.

A few months before returning to God, he said to me, with the strength of his sad, drowned look: "Our problem is one of spirituality. If a man comes to speak to me about the reforms to be undertaken in the Muslim world, about political strategies and of great geo-strategic plans, my first question to him would be whether he performed the dawn prayer (Fajar) in its time." He observed the agitation of each and everyone, including my own. He reminded me so much not to forget the essential, to be with God in order to know how to be with men.

An entire life in struggle, the hair turned grey by time, and a reminder: "Power is not our objective: what have we to do with it? Our goal is love of the Creator, the fraternity and justice of Islam. This is our message to dictators."

Late at night, in that famous room, he spoke and entreated. The link with God is the way, and spirituality is the light of the road.

One day when having a look at his life, he said to me: "Our ethical behavior and conscience of good and evil is an arm that is used against us by despots, lovers of titles, power and money. They do that which we cannot do; they lie as we cannot lie, they betray as we cannot betray and kill as we cannot kill. Our exactness before God is, in their eyes, our weakness.This apparent weakness is our real strength."

Tariq Ramadan on his father, Said Ramadan,
From Islam, the West and the Challenges of Modernity.

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