Monday, March 3, 2008

Shame Shame Shame :: Gaza Feb 08 ::

Shame Shame Shame.

Shame on you for letting a mother wept while clinging the body of her dead child .

Shame on you for allowing children cry as the look over their dead siblings sprawling on the road walks.

Shame on you for impressing mighty fighter jets, missiles and weapons on unarmed innocent civilians - many of those are women and children.

Shame on you for calling yourself a proud people and civilization. Today there is no pride - no civilize culture. Barbarianism and butchery you have shown us.

Shame on you for firing live ammunition and tear gas into a crowd of unarmed civilians - armed only with their anger that you have instigated and the pebbles which carries along with it hope and rage.

Shame on you for while you preach for peace and negotiations - you have shown that you are not trustworthy and no understanding of the word: peace.

Shame on you for creating divides because of your political interest while the people are killed - you are not worthy of leadership.

Shame on you for calling yourself Muslims yet your acts only lead to more death and destruction.

Shame on you for have you forgotten the compassion that the Prophets had exemplified even at his worst enemies?

Shame on you for letting something as virtuous as religion be the cause of this chain of destructions.

Shame on you for allowing and financing such acts to be carried out.

Shame on you for destroying homes, infrastructures and future of an impoverish group while you seat in your high mountains and colossal complex

Shame on you for what is far worst then the blood that you have caused to spill - is the destruction in many of the hope for a better future, a better tomorrow.

Look at the little children .. look at the crying mothers. Have you no shame? Would Abraham, Moses or Jacob be proud of your acts? Would Muhammad be proud of you today?

Shame Shame Shame


LiL^OrioN said...

shame on us too.

LiL^OrioN said...

rather.. on me. for not doing much in my unmeaningful past life. hahaha! warao lei.... haven't finish typing. hand click publish first. -_-"

unfortunately, these issues are going to be around for a very long time.