Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mas (tak) Selamat

I seriously believe that the Singapore Police Force should offer like a $50, 000 bounty on anyone or any group who could find Mas Selamat. I mean seriously! Who would not be motivated to take time-off from work and look for the loose detainee?

Indirectly, that would have activated all the former reconnaissance scout personnel, infantrymen and other combat troops on the manhunt - now that's what I would call maximization of resources! Of course on the other hand you would have half the offices in the island empty but hey for such a lucrative bounty, I think, it would be worth it.

In fact, I don't mind to recap my navigation skills as an infantry recce commander to good use :)

Someone asked me what would I have done if I saw him - hence inspired a top 10 list of things I would say:

1. *dish* (a jotos: knucklehead) harlow ! donno how to make people's life easy ah! you know how many people kena activated and standby because of you! you saw the traffic jams you caused at the causeway? susahkan hidup orang je! *dish*

2. if you wanna make a difference - study hard in school and become a politician! sabo king! a terrorist cell by no stretch of the term would indicate or be classified as under: making a difference.

3. bloody mangkuk! psycho people to strap with bomb and blow themselves up? try if the person is your own son? or howabout the intended target has your family in it?

4. eh dodol! you call your lame group jemaah islamiyah - so i guess you take it upon yourself as nobly acting on behalf of Islam and the muslims? but you think Singapore no muslims one ah? if you crash a plane in Changi Airport - you think what? muslim invincible ah? bulletproof?

5. for crying out loud, muslims don't need anymore special attention. try to behave can? set up an NGO or relief organization - never occur to you one ah? mercy for mankind remember?

6. eh pakcik! the malay-muslim community has so many social issues (education, early marriages, etc) you think you could transfer that energy from destroying and killing to developing and building?

7. please enlighten me as to which part of the Qur'an or the Prophet's past that showcase the allowance for destruction of places of worship - muslim or non-muslim? can you please check your sources?

8. and while we are at that .. does it not occur to you that you should understand the cause that you are so willingly ready to throw your life for in which case here is Islam? i mean killing innocent life is hardly a virtue.

9. what were you thinking breaking out from the detention centre? harlow ?! Singapore? island?

10. and what's up with the name mas selamat? harlow .. with you around no place is selamat!

ps. semangat sey makcik .. save country sey(kwang kwang)

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LiL^OrioN said...

*rotflol* i can't believe this is coming from you. LOL!