Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mad World We Live In?

I wouldn't want to argue the accuracy of that term or statement (or whatever you wanna call it) - but putting on a certain measuring device on the issues happening in the world today: yes that phrase is admittedly not a too far stretch.

Like for those who had the opportunity to be a part of the BRMY camp - either as participants or organizers - we have shared and reflected that there are lots of disturbing issues that is affecting our ecosystem locally and globally.

This challenging comes in the form of global poverty even in the post-modern 21st century:

  • About 3.7 billion people in this world (with a population of 6.65 billion - do your maths) still struggling on less than $2 a day. Remember how much you spent on that pack of cigarette?
  • 1 person die of starvation every 3.6 second of starvation .. yes starvation (and a large majority are whom by the way children ... below the age of 5) click click click (a child dies of starvation) ........ click click click (another child dies) .... click click click
  • In every minute, a woman somewhere dies in pregnancy (mostly due to lack of health care) ... 1,400 women a day (yes a DAY) ... 529, 000 a year

And all this that I have mentioned are perfectly preventable! Perfectly preventable. The only problem is the "so-called" lack of funds and resources. Yet ironically enough the US military budget was last seen at US$500 billion dollars. (Jeff Sachs, 2005)

Mad world we live in?

Let's move to the environment, the enhance level of carbon due to burning of fossil fuel is causing heat to be trapped in our atmosphere thus - we have all seen the movie- global warming (Al Gore,1993). What is amazing is that the Industrial Revolution and modern economics whom were believe to be bringing prosperity and capital - had a role in this deep crumble of our atmosphere. Yet some of the key players in this modernity still today are not actively involve reversing whatever damage that has already been done. As we look around us with the irregular rains and natural disaster in other countries the natural question emerges: are we ever gonna wake up.

Violence and destruction - the flavor of the month. Palestine. Darfur. Chechnya. Northern Kurd. This are just some names of places that would immediately bring forth images in our minds of crying mothers, demolish houses and armored tanks.

Mad world we live in?

So what then do we do? How do we go on with our lives everyday while knowing that there are all these issues that in places across the globe people are suffering from on a daily basis. And they are not the minority but in fact the large silent majority. That while we are happily editing our status on facebook someone else probably the same age as us is scuffling for his life with an armored vehicles firing live ammunition on top of his head.

Or while we are watching our weekly dosage of CSI in the comfort of our air-conditioned room, someone else is fighting for her life with an amputated leg because of a missile that had hit her civilian home.

As we are clinging to our love ones someone else is clinging to her loved one - the difference here is hers does not any longer feel her warmth or hear her calls.

While it easy and tempting to loose hope or worse still be an armchair critique of some sort, would it not be a much better idea that to some extent even in the most minute of ways try to offer some form of service or act to make some difference or if not impact.

Perhaps we are not those few who go on tours to "terrorism" conference - whom by the way would be able to give an Islamic voice to others and perhaps a balancing voice in academia (which by the way last I check pays you nuts comparatively) or be those whom seriously need a good lesson on Islam and compassion whom from time to time enjoys running away from a detention centre as a sport, we could - you and I - make some other significant difference creatively.

I don't believe in living things as it is and I believe neither are you otherwise you won't be in the social circle that I am in and regularly read this poor excuse for a blog.

Should we hate Israel? or the US or the Western government? Capitalism? ISD or ISA?I think there is a better way to improve things than doing that and as common sense would serve us there is no point to that.

You might ask why then be so critical of a certain Mas Selamat - because as Muslims it is a religious default to be of service to others irregardless of diversities. Had the Prophet (saw) not been explicit enough in his actions?

To that end - the social groups need more support and help especially from young and enthusiastic people (me of course included ... young still) hence let us be part of this mass movement of helping in providing social change viz a viz this mad world.

For at least one positive thing that we could gain from all of this insanity. It brings us a precious opportunity to collectively coagulate together towards working for a positive tomorrow - one of hope, aspiration and anticipation
whilst enhances our own deed and services for our own tomorrow.


cerebrator said...

The world will remain to be a mad world if Ron Paul is not elected as the U.S President.

Obama's change is only lipservice. U.S will continue to mess up the world.
Obama: Iran is a threat

Hillary? She's even worse! She should be in the republican side. She's a woman and to avoid being portrayed as a 'soft-lady' she has to appear as an iron maiden. "Look at me! I'm fierce. Let's wage war against Iran!"
Hillary for war

Do we really want these people to be the next U.S President?

Ron Paul people! Paul!

LiL^OrioN said...

ron paul or not.. can they really deliver?... can we really really trust all of them? even ron?

thank god i'm not into politics. i know it's not good to be apathy towards politics, cos it affects us one way or another..

but politics, be gone, can? lol!

Ibn Shamsud-Deen as-Salafee said...

There won't be a war with Iran..

It's just politics.. US wanna continue to be the "World Police" (no one gave US that title)..

Whereas Iran.. it is just taking advantage of the limelight it is in to portray itself as a true Islamic country, who fights for Islam...

But what we never realise.. Iran is a Shi'ite country that will continue to promote Shi'ism, and disregard Sunnis.. After all, according to them, Sunnis are filth..

Wallahu a'lam