Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Most Important Yet So Often Forgotten

In our daily struggles and all the things that we busy ourselves on a regular basis - which to a certain extent makes up who we are and our perspective on our surroundings yet the most single item which is often forgotten if not disregard is Barzakh or the after life.

A superficial outlook of life in general would be one that does not recognize the fact that there is a reason for life and a reckoning or accountability as with which exist even in this current world in that the form of worldly judicial process. Hence to that end, ignoring or negating the fact that there is a life after which we breathe our last in this temporal habitat. Such an understanding would be in fact so devastating for rationalism and pragmatism than what it would be so thought and expected.

In the typical likelihood of the socio-mechanics of life where one would have to work hard to ensure a better end such as getting a degree to earn a good salary and future. Or quality performance at work to ensure a promotion or increase recognition in terms of pay and so on. Even working hard and saving earnestly to ensure a good retirement.

If such enormous undertaking are invested for the a better outcome or end-state in this life ...... what would be the expected investment or input required to ensure a better life after this one? And especially one that is permanent.

Looking at the 24 hours we have - 8 hours are spent to ensure a future, another 8 hours on rest and the final 8 hours on family and other matters. To that end, how much time allocated are available or have been made available for the permanent after-life?

When comes to such a topic - the khilaf(s) that in which we so painstakingly try to defend (our own views) in all our differences seems trivial. The problems we seemingly face seems minute as compared to one that in which beckons for which there is no point of return. The CV enhancement we so seek in terms of higher qualifications that in which causes us to hugely discount on everything else or should I say those that serves as an investment for the after life - seems redundant.

Yet being a hermit is not the characteristic of a Muslim. Instead, the beauty of Islam is on the very fact that it does not segregate affairs made for this world and the here-after. Hence, deeds and actions dedicated for the greater good of others and worship would ensure inputs in the "deeds bank". However so, part of piety is also that sense of hope and careful anxiety on the true outcome.

In all of our endeavors to better ourselves lets remember not to forget and to enhance on matter pertaining to the most important of all .. yet so often forgotten.

May the experience we are to face .... be a pleasant one. Ameen.

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